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A Division of Standard Oil of Connecticut

Standard Comfort Systems, a division of Standard Oil, has been chosen to be the exclusive supplier of emme Room-By-Room for the state of Connecticut. Thousands of Connecticut homeowners rely on Standard for our fair pricing, outstanding customer service, highly trained staff and ethical business practices. Call and speak with one of our emme experts today:


Standard Comfort Systems
299 Bishop Avenue
Bridgeport, Connecticut 06610

Take Control of Your Heating and Cooling
A typical home's heating and cooling system has too little control, too little comfort, and uses too much energy. emme can change that; it provides the control to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. It understands that every room has its own, unique heating and cooling requirements. emme doesn’t have to condition every room at once. Instead, it selectively conditions the rooms that need it, minimizing conditioning in the rooms that don’t. It drastically reduces hot and cold spots and temperature fluctuations between levels of a home while providing easy-to-use energy saving tools.

Eliminate Hot & Cold SpotsTailor Temperature To The Person Or RoomNo Construction or Remodeling