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How Do You Fix It?

The Solution is simple… if you have emme. The key to room-by-room zone control is knowing the temperature in each room, that's the purpose of emme's wireless Smart Controllers. These small sensors are placed in each room and provide the current temperature to the Master Control Unit. Being wireless, emme's Smart Controllers do not require any remodeling or wiring to install and their two AAA batteries will transmit the temperature for several years. For added convenience, you can make temporary temperature adjustments or place the room in energy conserving SAVER mode right from the Smart Controller.

Once installed, the sensors and master control unit manage a series of pneumatic dampers that allow the system to isolate and direct airflow to each room of your house. The dampers are tough, designed for years of trouble-free service, and flexible, to provide a tight seal. Our patented installation technique allows us to insert dampers into your ductwork without cutting into walls or floors: the process is quick and mess-free. The result: every room in your house is comfortable.

How it Works
emme room-by-room zone control uses your (1) existing heating and cooling equipment and (2) ductwork. When the emme system is installed in your home, a wireless (3) Smart Controller™ is placed in each room. It periodically measures and transmits the room's temperature. A (4) wireless receiver collects this information and passes it along to the (5) master unit. Using temperature information from each room as well as temperature data from an (6) outside monitor, sophisticated software determines which rooms need conditioning. Using air pressure and vacuum supplied from an external (7) air pump and power supply individual rooms are included or removed from the conditioning cycle by opening and closing (8) dampers located in the ducts. The master unit then activates the heating, cooling, and circulation equipment in your home to achieve your settings. Using information from the (9) HVAC sensor, the master unit can determine how many dampers can be simultaneously closed without affecting your equipment. You can adjust the temperature for single rooms, groups of rooms, or the entire home using the touch-screen on the (10) main display. Once set up, the emme system automatically maintains your temperature settings throughout your house.

Eliminate Hot & Cold SpotsTailor Temperature To The Person Or RoomNo Construction or Remodeling